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“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”


For a Startup the basic ingredient is to Communicate.


To have an insight on communication skills, we have with us today Ms. Sonu Nahata. She is a Company Secretary with a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations. A corporate communication professional who gives soft skills almost an equal weightage as hard skills.


We discussed about :


1) What is an effective communication and how is it an important aspect of Start-ups?

2) An entrepreneur communicates with so many different people, what should be the strategy?

3) Some best practices for startups to keep in mind at the time of communicating?

4) An instance from your life that you would like to share, where you felt the importance of having good communication skill?

5) How would you define/highlight the importance of Communication a single word/ sentence for start-ups?



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    A venture which is moving ahead with a great compassion and attitude to fulfill all the demands of their clients with utmost perfection and accuracy!! I was very happy to have your service !! Thanx a ton guys!! Cheers!!
    All the best to you for all your future endeavors!!

    Jai Raithatha, Happy Client

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    Great initiatives taken for startup buzz and hassle free services and most legalities complianced platform 

    CS Shiriti Kumari, Co-Founder, Compliance Calendar LLP

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    A single door solution to regular problem faced by corporates...Keep Going.��

    Nidhi Sadani, Happy Client

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