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Most Welcome!!! “Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”


We are in the era of Digital Identity. Today It’s been a sort of mandate to have a social media presence. Most of the Startups so have the same but they lack sometimes in best practices or we may say the correct strategies.


To have further insights on this, we are having Mr. Anamitra Ghosh. He is the Mentor of Change at Atal Innovation Mission.


Anamitra is a jack of all trades, mastering a few at a time. He has been a startup enabler at the grassroots level, helping budding entrepreneurs structure their business, and strategy growth.


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1) How you look to the potential that social media can give the startups in current times?

2) Why Social Media? What kind of value addition it gives to a Business?

3) How you suggest the Startups, to plan their social media strategy?

4) Shall it be the same for Startups who are at Ideation, Validation & Scaling stages?

5) Some of the do’s & don’ts for Startups while using Social Media

6) What would be the ideal content for a Social Media Post?


You may reach him at - linkedin.com/in/anamitra-ghosh


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    Jai Raithatha, Happy Client

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    Great initiatives taken for startup buzz and hassle free services and most legalities complianced platform 

    CS Shiriti Kumari, Co-Founder, Compliance Calendar LLP

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    A single door solution to regular problem faced by corporates...Keep Going.��

    Nidhi Sadani, Happy Client

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